Centreon EMS

The enterprise level monitoring solution.

A modular, all-in-one IT monitoring solution for both legacy and modern infrastructures.

Take IT performance to a whole new level

The first thing any organization needs is a clear line of sight from business-level services down to the underlying layers of infrastructure – accross all systems and locations.

Disparate technologies and distributed architectures, both hybrid and converged, demand full visibility and sophisticated metrics across the board. Pings and alerts are no longer enough. Companies that cling to the siloed, patchwork approach to IT monitoring wind up unable to make fast, informed, proactive decisions.

Centreon EMS delivers what today’s digital enterprises need: consolidated IT monitoring insights into old and new systems in complex IT environments.

Centreon EMS: four modules, one solution

A robust, flexible platform

Industry-grade IT monitoring in a robust, flexible platform.

Enterprise Plugin Packs

Integrate powerful monitoring capabilities easily with extensive Plugin Packs.

Business Activity monitoring

See the connections between business applications and critical IT components.

Data Mapping and Visualization

Get real-time, customized insights into every part of your IT environment.

Monitoring Business Intelligence

Transform IT metrics into performance reports to inform decision-making.

Heterogeneous & Hybrid

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Sample Integrations

IT automation

AI Ops


8 key advantages for ITOM teams


Ready to run

A software appliance that’s easy to install and start using.



Integrates holistic functionalities and automatic monitoring analysis for better ITOM decisions and SLAs.


Open and flexible

A modular software suite that adapts to the full range of IT operations and service applications.


Monitor everything

Monitors converged legacy and hybrid IT environments, including public and private clouds.


Single platform, multi-user rights & access

With ACL, enterprise users are empowered to collaborate with granted access by function, operations, object or resource, making their job easier.


Scalable and robust

An extensible industry-proven architecture makes it easy to add monitoring capacity.


Software maintenance for best performance continuity

Maintenance and version updates are included for all Centreon software components and modules included.



Interoperates readily with IT automation architectures and AIOps platforms.

Customer story

“Centreon’s high interoperability made it easier to use and added value to the monitoring data… We have gone from ‘repairing’ to ‘preventing’ incidents as we now have strong indicators to monitor and maintain the SLA.”

Philippe Roy, Project Director
Office of Post & Telecommunications, New Caledonia

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