Centreon EPP

Turnkey plugins for immediate broad & deep monitoring

The industry’s most extensive catalog of plugin packs.

Centreon EPP, produce and mainted by Centreon, addresses hundreds of IT domains. Each pack is based on Centreon’s plugin framework designed to:

1) automate checks of an IT asset without having to waste time writing scripts and templates, and

2) deliver metrics that count, not just pings and alerts.

With Centreon EPP, integrating Centreon monitoring for wide and deep status checks become fast and painless, covering major OS, infrastructure equipment, servers, applications, software protocols and services.

Key Features of Centreon EPP


Monitor anything and everything

Over 170 domains addressed : Applications (Apache, Microsoft II2, Nginx, Tomcat…), databases (Informix, MSSQL, MysQL, Oracle, PosgreSQL…), hardware (Printers, Dell, HP…), network (Aruba, Cisco, Bluecoat…), OS (AIX, Linux, Windows…), storage (Dell, EMC, Netapp…)

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Install and instantly deploy

Centreon turnkey plugin pack library incorporates preconfigured templates, agents and connectors to easily automate monitoring for immediate on-premise coverage.


Get specific on performance indicators

and extract good metrics, thanks to high quality coding and testing by Centreon experts.


Integrate new IT assets seamlessly

for monitoring with regular enhancements and addons to the catalog.


Easily manage

the installed plugin packs via a web interface.

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